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Freshen Air is proud to offer quality products that help to make your world a healthier place.  Our products not only absorb odors, indoor air pollutants, toxins and gases, but they are fragrance free and do not emit VOCs or contain solvents or chemicals.  Our products also eliminate the need to use such products that release harmful chemicals into the air.

Our newest product is a beanbag ashtray.  Yes, an ashtray that actually pulls the cancer-causing, toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke out of the air so that you don’t breathe it in.
Zeolite is the magic behind Freshen Air’s products. This mineral has made its way to the forefront in “green” technologies of eradicating odors in a safe and natural way. Amazingly, this mineral can be rejuvenated in the sunlight once it begins to lose its effectiveness.
Many popular brands on the market today have started utilizing Zeolite for odor control including Under Armour, Huggies diapers and Kotex.
In fact, Zeolite has been used for protecting military personnel serving in the presence of highly toxic gases and odors in Iraq. Zeolite has also been used in the filter portion of a cigarette to sieve the harmful constituents that are inhaled. Freshen Air now offers these benefits in a variety of products to help you achieve a healthy environment.


Zeolite is an all-natural, non-toxic, odorless, volcanic mineral. Its mega porous (honeycomb) crystalized structure will selectively sort molecules by size, creating a natural molecular sieve. This allows air to pass through but trap odors. Zeolite absorbs nitrosamines, hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, ammonia and formaldehyde, which are all in cigarette smoke.  Our products contain one pound of this miracle mineral.

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